little known facts

Great design comes when you make the time to experience the world in every way possible. These are the things that inspire me to continually strive for better and more beautiful work.

random, but important

I am a certified Yoga Instructor
Yes, I'm flexible. One full year of training including philosopy, anatomy and teaching experience left me with a piece of paper, amazing friends, a solid home practice, and the ability to turn myself upside down on my head!

I am a dual citizen and I spent a year living and working in Paris
I am both a Canadian and British citizen, meaning I can live and work anywhere in Canada and the European Union, for as long as I want. Which in 2008 led me to pursue a life in Paris. It was hands down one of the best things I've ever done. It's a long story, best told over a bottle of Chablis.

I love to travel
I have invested most of my free time and money into exploring this amazing world. From the tip of South America to a remote town in northern Canada, from the west coast to the east coast of North America, from Bath to Granada, and many places in between, I still feel like I have only just begun.

I write
I have spent most of my life painting, printmaking, sculpting, and drawing. Yet, I find more satisfaction and personal expression through writing. Although I am a novice when it comes to writing professionally, the years of art history papers, writing for the university school newspaper, countless journal entries, and incessant documentation of my life has helped me hone my writing abilities. And one day I will do something about it.

I'm a foodie
In another lifetime I would have been a baker. Or a writer. Or a writer about baking. I love making delicious food for those I love. Maybe I should start a food blog. But maybe there are too many already.

Where I go for inspiration

For everything creative.

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