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Launch Interactive Billboard
Launch Stunt
In Canada, banking is pretty abysmal. Our chequing accounts charge us outrageous fees ($185 every year). That is until THRiVE, the new, no-fee daily chequing from ING DIRECT. It actually pays interest. A banking breakthrough of such magnitude deserved a launch of equal proportion.

What started as a viral unbranded site with 185 animated gifs quickly turned into a campaign layered with a video email announcement, interactive billboards, a synchronized swimming performance and an animated short.Plus, live web-casts of the announcement and billboard, along with up to the minute Flickr uploads and tweets. Every piece of this giant launch added up to one main message: As of today, Canadians can take back their $185 and THRiVE. Hooray!

Creative Direction: Catherine Baird & Julie Stolberg; Art Direction Stunt: Catherine Baird; Art Direction Online: Darcy Reaume; Design: Darcy Reaume; Outdoor Installation: GWP Brand Engineering + Titan

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